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With spring in full bloom and summer right around the corner, the invitations to garden parties are going to start flowing in. Basking in the sun at a polo match, cheering your favourite horse on at the races, or sipping cocktails against a picturesque backdrop sounds like a fantastic way to spend an early afternoon. But what ever would you wear?! Below is what you need to consider before choosing what to wear.

Time of the Party

Most garden parties will take place between mid-morning and early afternoon when the sun is high above and at its warmest. Because of this, select dresses that are made of light woven materials and stay away from knits or any other heavy, stiff fabric. You want fabric that moves and breathes with you so you can nibble as many tasty snacks as you like without feeling uncomfortable in the hot sun.


Choice of Footwear

While your classiest pair of stilettos may seem like the perfect shoe for your dress, remember that most garden parties take place in a grassy environment. If you know there will be no grass to walk through, then go ahead and wear those stilettos! But if you are unsure, error on the side of caution with a cute wedge or block heel. These will not only be more comfortable, but they will also keep you from sinking into the grass every time you take a step. There is nothing worse than sinking into the grass and having to take your shoe off to pull it out of the dirt.


Sun Protection

Also, remember to protect your skin while you are out in the sun. A wide brim sun hat that compliments your dress is the perfect way to add a touch of sophistication to your outfit while remaining mindful of your skin. The hat also helps you escape direct sunlight if you find yourself at a party with little or no shady places to rest. Hats made of light material or woven will be cooler on your head than their felt cousins. The hat can also serve to incorporate color or visual interest into your outfit perfect for a simpler dress style.

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Choice of Accessory

Finally, the finishing touch to any look is your jewellery and handbag. While your handbag can match your hat, it does not have to. Structured straw bags are a favourite for spring and summer collections on the runway this year. They also tend to be light weight while still able to hold everything you may need. Your jewellery should compliment your dress, if your dress is printed or highly detailed. A simpler dress can benefit from statement pieces that will have everyone asking where you got your fantastic jewellery.

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