Comes as a pack of 4

The Erno Laszlo Hydra-therapy skin vitality treatment mask was given to me by my friend to try. First impression was, this is interesting as I’ve never had to mix a mask from scratch. The packaging was basic with the powder in a sachet and the liquid to mix it in a little 37ml bottle.

Next day came, I had a dinner date so I decided to use it just before. The mixing process is very straight to the point. Get a little bowl and mix the 2 ingredients together to form a paste. The paste had cuddles, but I kept mixing until it became smooth which took around a minute.

I spread the mask across my entire face avoiding my eye area and hairline as stated on the packaging. I had quite a bit left so used the rest on my brothers face and still had a bit left after. So there is definitely A LOT in one mix to be used on 2 different occasions. The question is, can it stored in the fridge to be used again? And if it can, how long for?

After about 7 minutes of the Erno Lazslo mask being on my face, I started feeling some tingles on my temples and cheeks- Now I’m not sure this is an effect from the drying process of the mask or if it was because I had used a 1% pure retinol serum the night before. My brother did not feel any tingles.

My brother and I left the mask on for a total of 20mins and peeled it off- during the peeling, some parts won’t peel off easy and became quite painful so we used water to take it off in the end.

What did it do to our faces after?- My brother said his face felt smoother. Well, so did mine. Altogether, it was a good treat for me as I had a dinner date that night. Would I be purchasing more? I think I will actually.

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