It’s no secret that a pair of high heels can dress up almost any outfit on the planet. Add that to the fact that they’re great at elongating the legs, and you basically get the reason why women can’t live without a pair of stilettos. But let’s be honest, there are days when we need to brave a lot of walking or give our feet a break. And while kitten heels are a great alternative to your stylish stilettos, they’re not exactly as comfortable as flats. That’s why for today, I’ve decided that a few tips on how to look polished in flats might come as a handy read.S

1.Slim and Structured Flats are Best

Avoid bulky round-toe footwear that screams casual. Instead, wear shoes that are slim, structured, and those with slender toe boxes. Pointy-toed flats are best, but you may also wear square-toed flats that taper to a slim-square on the front. More importantly, flats with lower vamps are much more leg-lengthening than those with higher vamps.

Of course, this doesn’t mean you should avoid pointy oxfords, loafers, and mules because they’re just as elegant to wear. Read the second tip below to figure out how to look fabulous in your flat loafers or oxfords.


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2. Proper proportion is Key

When wearing flats, it’s important to keep a balanced proportion. Wear pants that are slightly cropped to show your sexy lady ankles and give an illusion of length. This is even more necessary if you are wearing loafers, mules, or oxfords. Dresses and skirts should be knee length. A high-low hemline is also flattering. However, in case you want to wear a tea-length item, pick one with a high waistline to make your legs appear longer.

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3. Stick to Structured Pieces

To look elegant in flats, stick to structured pieces that offer a more polished look. This covers both clothing and your purse. A collared shirtdress or a skirt with clean well-constructed lines will do the trick. Sure, you can have the flounces, but select items that are neither too noisy or frou-frou.



One of the quickest ways to look elegant in flats is by sporting the pair with a structured or statement topper – be it a coat, blazer, or cape. It dresses up the ensemble and complements those pointed shoes in more ways than one.  

4. Cap off with a structured or Statement Topper

5. Keeping Things Monochromatic.

While not a hard rule, one way to look super polished in flats is to keep your outfit monochromatic. Feel free to wear bright colours if you want to, but also try keeping all the pieces within the same color family. Trust us when we say it will make you look like a million bucks

6. Don’t be Afraid to Wear Statement Flats

If you don’t have a statement coat to pull everything together, wear statement flats instead. Don’t be afraid to select pieces with a bit of flair, such as lace-up flats or brightly tasseled loafers. That said, do select with care and don’t go overboard.


7. Fit is Key to Looking Polished

We’re going to end this post with one more rule that not only applies to wearing flats, but to all things in general – and that is FIT. No matter how expensive your clothes and shoes are, if they don’t fit you well, you will end up looking sloppy.

Good fit includes wearing the right foundation garments like a push-up bra, seamless underwear, or a body-shaper. It also includes taking the necessary trip to the tailor so you can have a dress or suit altered to fit your frame. Such an effort may seem a hassle, but it’s well worth the money and time.

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